Nearby attractions

Showcasing some fantastic days out with our Alpacas.

We hope you share our passion for these beautiful animals and hope you also find inner peace when you come into contact with them and the countryside about Apple Tree Farm. Come and have an amazing day like so many others have done already.

People can be seen sitting in St George's Square in Hebden Bridge enjoying the sunny weather

Apple Tree Farm Alpacas

Three white Alpacas standing in a field

Rochdale Canal Boat Tour

Canal boats can be seen moored along the edge of Rochdale Canal, Hebden Bridge

Hardcastle Crags

Looking on to a view of a wooded area at Hard Castle Crags. A path pay can be seen inbetween the trees and  Daffodils are growing in the grass

Stoodley Pike

Stoodley Pike Monument


A Post office in a cobbled street in the village of Heptonstall

Gibson Mill

Gibson Mill sits on the edge of some water

Pennine Way

Two ramblers walk down some stone steps on the Pennine way. All around them is green rolling hills

Cycling by the canal

A man in a pink t-shirt is cycling on the Roachdale Canal path. To the side of him are a number of canal boats moored at the side of the canal

Calans micropub

A stone building with a large sign above two small windows. The sign reads Calan's Micropub ested. 2015